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Integrated Systems for Industrial Automation

Telica designs, configures and installs industrial automation systems for on / off shore plants and pipelines in the Oil & Gas sector.

Over the years Telica has developed a long experience in the field of transport by supplying Monitoring and Control Systems of conveyor belts for various airports, as well as Integrated SCADA systems for the control of the traffic and safety in the major European undergrounds.
Telica has also designed and configured Ventilation and HVAC Control Systems in the field of Building Automation.


Telica has a long experience in the design,
configuration and supply of the following systems:
DCS/PLC, ESD, F&G, SCADA, RTU, Control Panels, Mimics,
Operator Console using different brands such as: ABB, Honeywell, Rockwell and Siemens.

The above-mentioned Integrated Systems and their relevant HMI are engineered, configured and tested in our workshop, then packaged and shipped to their final destination where, if required, Telica can provide specialized engineers for the installation and commissioning.

The Company designs and manufactures skids for both Industrial in general and for the  Civil sector.

In particular, it is able to integrate systems for the quality control of gases and liquids. These skids can be supplied in metal boxes or on steel racks to be installed near the fluid to be sampled. The analysis data is collected and sent through Modbus/OPC protocol to the Control System to be evaluated and automatically inserted into the production reports.


Project Management

Telica assigns a Project Manager to each Project. The mission of the Project Manager is to deliver the project on time and in accordance with the contractual specification. He acts as single interface of the Customer during the entire course of the project. The Project Manager coordinates activities with the Customer; plans and controls the internal project tasks;  deals with critical issues; promptly communicates any area of concerns to the Customer and strives to resolve any problem that might be faced in the best of times and ways; prepares and submits the Project Progress Reports.

Hardware Engineering and Software Configuration

Telica can provide skilled engineers capable of developing the pre-engineering relating to Automation Systems such as P&ID check, definition of the signals list and their electrical characteristics, the description of the Automation System Architecture and relevant material requisitions and software functions.
Indeed, Telica has a sound experience in developing the detailed hardware engineering and software configuration for several Automation System Brands such as: ABB, Honeywell, Rockwell, Siemens.

Reverse Engineering

When the Customer does not have up-to-date engineering documentation about the state of their plants or field equipment, Telica can provide competent engineers to perform a detailed check of the connections starting from the field devices up to the detailed analysis of the control systems installed including their software configuration. The information collected can therefore be reported on adequate electronic documentation to be used for future initiatives.

Assembling and Test

Telica has its own area of 500 square meters and specialized personnel for the assembly and test of the Automation and Electrical panels which, once completed, can be connected to each other, powered and tested both from a hardware and functional point of view.
In the case of orders with large quantities of wardrobes, generally greater than 100 units, we have adjacent areas where it is possible to satisfy every project need.


Thanks to the wide spectrum of knowledge of the various Industrial Automation Brands (ABB, Honeywell, Rockwell, Siemens) we can take advantage of expert consultants on many of the DCS / PLC / SCADA systems currently installed in industrial plants. This knowledge base allows us to propose and implement upgrades of existing software configurations up to partial or total revamping of automation systems.


The training and experience of our staff allows us to conduct all types of courses on Automation systems (ABB, Honeywell, Rockwell, Siemens) both in Italian and English. The training can be carried out at the Customer or at the Training unit set up by Telica itself, including the preparation of the course documentation, the practical exercises to be carried out and the configuration of the Demo devices. Training can be both generic and customized on the Customer’s system.
These courses can be both generic and customized, covering Maintenance, Engineering and Operation functions


Telica can provide skilled engineers to execute the installation, commissioning and start-up of on-shore and off-shore Automation and Electrical Systems. Telica also has senior specialists for commissioning and interfacing with key figures of the plant such as those responsible for maintenance, production and safety.

Customized solutions

We offer services and products based on the actual needs and specifications of the individual customer. We have the resources and skills to follow the entire process: from the feasibility analysis, to the drafting of the technical specifications, going through detailed engineering, construction and installation throughout the definition of the technical specifications, the detailed engineering, the assembling and test
We offer programs for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of after-sales systems.