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Telica was founded by the merger of two companies that had already been operating for a long time in the design, assembly, testing and commissioning of Integrated Systems for Process Automation: respectively, Make Automation Srl founded in 1997 by Amos Erba in Milan and Aces Snc created by Claudio Viotti in Genoa in 2010 which decide after the period of mutually beneficial cooperation to join their ambitions and efforts in order to play an enhanced role in the market.

This merger allowed the new company to achieve new opportunities and to internationalize.

Telica is specialized in the design, configuration and construction of Integrated Systems for Industrial Automation in the field of Oil & Gas, on-shore and off-shore, Energy and Transports (airports and subways).

The Automation Systems can be developed with the most used software in the sector such as ABB, Honeywell, Rockwell and Siemens managing to satisfy every possible customer request in the field of DCS, ESD, F&G, SCADA and RTU systems.

In Italy Telica counts two distinct realities, one in Milan and the other in Genoa. In Milan, the company has an area of 500 m2 in which the engineering part and the area for assembly and tests coexist before shipment. The purchasing and human resources component is located here.
In Genoa there is the administration of the whole group, Engineering department and software development department.
In Milan, Telica also has a 1,000 sq m of warehouse for the storage of equipment, loose material and packaged systems
Telica’s Facilities in Milan include the workshop area of 500 square meters, where the systems are assembled and tested before shipping and additional 1,000 square meters warehouse for the storage of both materials and packaged systems.


  Committed For a Better Life

Telica believes in the importance of the person, in the trust and in the people relationships, regardless they are with the own family, friends or with people met on the job. Telica is committed concretely to ensure that these values are promoted and enhanced in everyone, everyday life.

Trust, that the Company must grow and keep, aimed to develop fear and constructive technical & commercial relationships with its Customers and Suppliers and to motivate the Company’s human resources

Transparency, as a constant in the ethical conduct of the business

Team spirit, as a cohesion factor to achieve an efficient and effective overall cooperation and to generate a Corporate culture consistent with its mission

Quality, understood in the most complete sense, as an indispensable condition for qualifying the Company on the market

The risks and opportunities management, as the basis for developing business improvement plans

Innovation, to be applied not only to optimize the offer, but also oriented to the resource’s management, to the Company organization and definitely to the market approach

Care for the environment to continue to guarantee safety and environmental protection


 Telica main Customers

TELICA works with several leading customers in the design and supply of on-shore and off-shore industrial plants distributed all over the world.